Simichrome FAQ





Why should I buy my metal polish from

Well, first of all we value your business. We also have been using & selling Simichrome for nearly 30 years.Chances are we can answer any of your questions and concerns. Simichrome is always in stock right here in our warehouse. 

What to expect when you're ordering from us:
  • Your order will be carefully packed and shipped promptly. 
  • You will receive a tracking number when you order has shipped.
  • If you have any questions about the product we will help you.


I don't like to put my credit card info over the Internet. Can I just call to place my order?

A. Certainly, happens all the time. We are happy to take orders over the phone and talk with our customers.
# 3  Is there any metal that Simichrome should not be used on?
A. It should not be used on metals that are painted, coated or have a lacquer type finish. 
This would include jewelry that is finished with a gold wash. Any faucets sinks or fixtures that have "living finishes" should 
not be polished with Simichrome. We suggest that you closely follow the manufacturers instructions
as how best to care for those type of finishes. Simichrome is not recommended for use on thinly plated objects or if the 
plating is peeling, flaking or in poor condition. No matter what type of metal you are  trying to clean and polish, it is always 
wise to test it in a small inconspicuous spot to see if you like the result.
# 4  Why can't I use Simichrome on lacquered finishes.
A. The lacquered finish was put on to protect the metal below and no polish is needed.
Over the years some of these lacquered type finishes do crack and craze causing blemished finishes. 
Simichrome will only be able to polish the parts of the coating that are missing, giving you an 
uneven appearance. 
# 5  Can you show me or tell me how apply Simichrome polish to get the best results? 
A. Certainly one of the best ways to educate yourself on proper techniques and tips for the use of Simichrome can be
seen on the blog postings of There you will find detailed instructions for polish application, safety tips, 
videos showing Simichrome being used as well as before and after photos of a wide variety of projects.    
# 6  Why can't I find Simichrome in my local store?
A. With the arrival of the big national chains and malls, there are less and less wholesalers and jobbers 
servicing home town stores. It comes down to shelf space and profitability for the big boys. 
If the volume isn't there, they are not interested no matter how good the product is.
If you can't find it locally please consider buying directly from us on this website. We ship on a daily basis by Priority 
mail or UPS.You will receive your order quickly as we normally ship the next business day after receipt of payment.
Even though you would have to pay for shipping, you may find that with the price of gas, it does not take 
long to spend that much as well as what your time is worth.
# 7  Is it safe to use Simichrome on cookware, silver ware and cooking utensils that are used for food preparation?
A. Yes, but after cleaning with Simichrome wash everything with soap and warm water and rinse thoroughly.
# 8  What is the shelf life of Simichrome polish ?
A. Up to 7 years, as long as the tube is re-capped or the can lid is tightly replaced.
# 9  I have not used my Simichrome polish for a long long time and it has separated. Is it still good?
 A. Just stir it back up into suspension until it becomes uniform in color. It should be fine. 
# 10  Can you charge the shipping cost to my business's UPS account?
A. Yes, we will be happy to. Please give us your UPS account number along with the zip code that is 
associated with the account in the comment section of the order form. We will refund the shipping charge the shopping cart
 has charged to your credit card. If you have any other requirements
 please contact at 617-807-0035
# 11  Can we send you a company check for payment.
A. Yes, we accept business and corporate checks. Please make your check payable to our parent company, Winter Brook Farm Antiques, and send to 
our address below with a copy of your order. We will include an invoice in the shipment marked paid or send it to you upon request by mail.
450 North State Road
Cheshire, MA  01225
Any questions ? Call 1-617-807-0035
# 12  What does it cost to ship my order. 
A. We normally ship the smaller orders by Priority mail and large cans and multiple small can orders by UPS. 
The shipping charge for any order up to $70.00 is $6.50, orders from $70.00 to $150 are $10.00 
and orders over $150.00 are $12.50 
# 13  Do you charge sales tax on my order?
A. Under current law, sales tax is only charged to residents and businesses in Massachusetts where our warehouse is located.
# 14  Can you send me a catalog?
A. No, we stopped printing paper catalogs about 10 years ago. We only sell online and by phone.